Success Stories


Elreyna Cale, Pinterest Strategist

(From shy to confident, visible, and signing up multiple clients)


She has such a talent for cutting through what you think the problem is and getting right to the root of the issue (and quickly!).

Jennica helped me figure out why I've been holding myself back from showing up fully and it's something I hadn't even realised, despite giving a lot of thought to it over the last few months. She really sees straight to your soul! Not only does Jennica have all the strategies but she understands the power of self-worth work to underpin marketing and make it more effective. She's straight-talking yet compassionate and you can feel how invested she is in your success just by speaking to her.

Sophie Carefull || Personal Branding Photographer

(From lost and not visible to feeling worthy and deserving of what she desires; currently working with local and overseas clients)

I know that I needed help from someone who'd truly understand where I came from and what exactly I needed to do emotionally, mentally and strategically.

As an introvert, it takes a lot of time for me to open up but Jennica was able to just let my authentic self be and I was able to effortlessly tell what I really felt and needed to say to help me.

Maria || Branding and Social Media VA


FRANCINE DALAPAG, Pinterest Manager


My mindset was so against technology it was putting me back in my businesses growth.

Now I feel I can do anything within the online marketing space of my business  and I will work with you over and over again. 

Rebecca Cross || Business Strategist